Mid-Week Lenten Series - Meditation

Date(s) daily starting
Mar. 10/21 and ending on Mar. 17/21

Time 1:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Location St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
99 Peter St. North Orillia, Ontario
L4V 4Z3

Mid-Week Lenten Series - Meditation

Mar 10th 1:00 am - 11:00 pm
Mar 10th Thru Mar 17th , Daily

Welcome to St. Andrew's (Week 4) Lenten Meditation.

Brent Whetham joins Marshall Martin, Director of Music for today's musical interludes:

Beneath The Cross of Jesus - - - F.C. Maker

Beneath The Cross of Jesus CCLI lic - - - 1333897 K. Getty

Rev. Dr. Jim Sitler's message is titled " The Power Of Pick & Choose".

To view the YouTube service, click here for the link.

The scripture is taken from The Gospel of Matthew 19: Vs 16 - 22 (NRSV). Jesus reveals the Commandments & tells of a "Rich Young Man Who Turns Away".

Go Now In Peace - M.G. Martin