Maundy Thursday Worship - Holy Communion

Date(s) daily starting
Apr. 01/21 and ending on Apr. 04/21

Time 1:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Location St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
99 Peter St. North Orillia, Ontario
L4V 4Z3

Maundy Thursday Worship - Holy Communion

Apr 01st 1:00 am - 11:00 pm
Apr 01st Thru Apr 04th , Daily

Rev. Dr. Jim Sitler joins Marshall Martin, Music Director in the Sanctuary for the Maundy Thursday Service with Communion.

Please have your elements on hand for the Communion service during the worship.

The sermon is titled "Gone But Not Forgotten"

The scripture is from the Gospel Of John 13: Vs 18, 21-30 (NRSV).

The organ prelude: Meditation on Herzliebster Jesu- - - R.W. Henderson

Choir members , Judi Fairwell, Christa Cameron, John Purkiss & Brent Whetham sing:

'Come Share The Lord' (Bryan Jeffery Leech).

Blessings - M.G. Martin