Cairn Virtual Camp Programs

Date(s) daily starting
Jul. 06/20 and ending on Aug. 21/20

Time 10:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Location Camp Cairn Virtual Experience

Contact Robynne "Mapes" Howard, Camp Director: For information call 705-767-3300

Email [email protected] or for registration changes email: [email protected]

Cairn Virtual Camp Programs

Jul 06th - All Day
Jul 06th Thru Aug 21st , Daily
Camp Cairn Virtual Experience - Online

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The following is a brief summary of the varied summer programs that are available!

We are thrilled to offer virtual summer programs this year! Our three online programs - Pee Wee, Camp, Camp Wherever You May Be and the LEAP Leadership Program (Lead with Empathy, Act with Purpose) - have been designed intentionally to promote opportunities for campers to build new and maintain old friendships, develop meaningful relationships with staff leaders, practice living in a stimulating faith community and have the chance to be meaningfully engaged in activities with their peers.