St. Andrew's - St. James' Cemetery

St. Andrew’s - St. James’ Cemetery, Orillia was established jointly in 1873 by the congregations of the Orillia Presbyterian Church (St. Andrew’s) and St. James’ Anglican Church, Orillia for public use. Ownership of the Cemetery remains with these two congregations.

The Cemetery property extends over nearly forty eight acres and currently contains in excess for twenty thousand interments. Approximately ten acres remain vacant for development.

By provincial statute, forty percent of the proceeds of lot sales and fifteen percent or a minimum of one hundred dollars of niche sales must be retained in a care and maintenance fund administered under the Loan and Trust Corporation act of Ontario. Only the interest revenue produced by the fund may be used by the Cemetery for its perpetual upkeep.

The affairs of the Cemetery are managed by an eight member Board of Trustees appointed equally by the two owner congregations. A Cemetery business Manager, Field Manager and Field Staff are entrusted with the physical concerns of the Cemetery. The Board meets on the third Thursday of each month.

Winter burials have been available but temporary entombments are provided in the Mortuary Vault for families opting to have spring burials. "A CHAPEL OF LIFE MEMORIES" Columbarium is also available.